Lederer has added a powerful digital component to its customer service: The automated shipment notification by eMail. This gives customers the option of an automatic shipment notification on the day of dispatch including a tracking link to the logistics partner and (if you like to have) also with the associated delivery notes as an eMail attachment in pdf format.

Everything at a glance:
All relevant order data are listed in the shipping notification eMail.

  • package type and weight
  • number of items contained
  • order and item numbers (if available: customers numbers)
  • item quantities
  • shipping agent / courier
  • delivery note(s) in pdf format (if requested)

Tracking with one click:

The link to the logistic partner and the specific consignment is also included in this eMail. This allows you to check the shipment status and the expected (or already completed) delivery date live at any time.

Very easily:
With a short message to your Lederer contact in sales or the back office.
Or directly here on the page in the form with details of the required data and options.

Both options can be activated alone or simultaneously:


Each orderer receives a personal eMail with all relevant data of only HIS ordered and shipped items as well as a link to the online tracking of the logistic partner.


Your company receives an overview of ALL shipments of the day at an e-mail address to be specified (e.g. tracking@company123.com or purchase@company456.co.uk or incoming-goods@company789.eu). This also includes all detailed information on the orders as well as all online tracking links of the respective logistics partners.


If you like to have, you can also receive the delivery notes belonging to the shipping as an attachment in pdf format with the e-mail notification.

The settings can easily be changed afterwards via your contact person at Lederer sales and backoffice. Or with a short eMail to help@lederer-tracking.com


Register here directly, quickly and easily to activate the shipping notification and tracking with shipment status:


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Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any queries or if you wish to change your shipping notification and tracking settings:

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(… Extension number of your contact person)